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How to Protect Your Mini Diggers from Theft: Tips and Advice 

Protecting Your Mini Digger From Theft

If you’re the owner of a mini digger, then you’ll want to make sure it’s properly protected from theft.   Mini diggers can be very valuable pieces of equipment, and unfortunately, they’re often targeted by thieves. That’s why it’s important to take steps to prevent theft from happening in the first place.   In this blog, we’ll […]

The Lincmaster TrackLok: Keeping Machines Safe

TrackLock Blog Featured Image

If you’re the owner of an excavator, mini digger, small plant or rubber-tracked machine, then you’ll want to ensure its safety. The Lincmaster TrackLok is the perfect solution for keeping your equipment safe and secure. This easy-to-use device attaches quickly and easily to excavators, mini diggers and other rubber-tracked machines, and prevents them from being […]

RamLok: The Best Way to Secure Hydraulically Steered Machines

RamLok (Ram Lock) Featured Image

Hydraulic steered machines have unquestionably improved the work output for countless industries. They are used in a variety of industries and applications, from agriculture to construction. However, with this increased use, comes the increased risk of theft and vandalism. What Is the Lincmaster RamLok? Our Ram Lok is a highly effective piece of equipment that […]

The Ultimate Guide To Our Universal HitchLok

HitchLok - Featured Image For Blog

It’s safe to say, the risk of theft on any high value assets is still happening far too often. Here at Lincmaster, we have worked for over 25 years working on innovative solutions to help keep your important equipment safe, which includes our innovative Universal HitchLok. Below, you can find out more about our pioneering […]

Keeping Your Equipment Secure With Our EyeLok Series 

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Most people would think that a high specification EyeLok is only necessary for businesses or other places where security is of the utmost importance. However, using a high specification radial ten pin tumbler lock is great way to add an extra level of security to any piece of equipment out there.  By using a tumbler […]

How to prevent commercial vehicle theft

commercial vehicle theft

Car theft rises 25% in winter but what about commercial vehicles theft? And the theft of plant and equipment, too. You might be wondering why the arrival of winter sees car theft shoot up. One of the biggest reasons is because we leave our keys in the ignition for the car to warm up whilst […]

Skip Theft: Scams and the SkipLok

Lincmaster SkipLok

Skip theft is nothing new, nor is the age old debate of ‘Is it theft to take from a skip?’ But, that’s for another day and another blog. Today we’re talking about having the actual skip you’ve hired nicked. Believe it or not, opportunist thieves are not your biggest enemy here. We have heard time […]

The Lincmaster MiniLok: Securing Your Tracked Machinery

Lincmaster MiniLok

Excavators and other tracked machinery are relatively easy to steal, given that they’re on tracks and are fairly mobile. By securing the track of the machinery, you are greatly reducing the opportunity to be driven away or winched on to a trailer. When an excavator costs from £20,000 to buy, the last thing you want […]

Securing your trailer the Lincmaster way

Lincmaster Universal Hitchlok

Who are our customers? We have many different customer types here at Lincmaster, purely through our reputation and quality products. We don’t just cater to the building and construction industry as both business and private clients contact us every day. We know that if you own a trailer you’re probably not solely transporting machinery. Everyone […]

No valuables left in this vehicle overnight

No valuables left in this vehicle overnight

So you’ve been grafting all day. All you want to do is get in the house, get out of those grubby clothes before a shower and taking the kids to footy practice. Then it’s home for the evening meal and sat in front of the soaps which you don’t watch. You didn’t take your equipment […]

Starting up your own business? Don’t get stung by complacency

Starting up your own business? Don’t get stung by complacency

When starting your own business there are enough costs to initially outlay that you may think that belting and bracing absolutely everything is not completely necessary in the first instance, right? Only the absolute necessary assets need to be covered considering you will have to pay for premises, staff, machinery, marketing, advertising, insurance… The list […]