Why should I buy Lincmaster products rather than cheaper alternatives?

It’s no secret that there are other products out there that are cheaper. However, ours are manufactured in the UK using quality (AKA strong!) materials and have been tried and tested to withstand theft attempts. In 25 years of manufacturing our products, we know of only 3 instances out of tens of thousands of products we have supplied where a customer has said our products didn’t stand up to the test. 

How long does it take to make your products?

It takes about 6 weeks from the start to the end of the manufacturing process as our products are manufactured, hardened and then plated. However the vast majority are kept in stock and are available for next day delivery.

What is your delivery time?

We do keep a good stock in and most items are delivered to you the next working day. 

How much security do I need to protect my equipment?

Put simply, the more the better! Many thieves are opportunists so if they see equipment or plant with no security, they will take their chances. Anti-theft devices act, first of all, as a deterrent to theft, and then as an actual barrier to being stolen.

Can I get locks with keys cut to to the same key for various plant, so one key fits all?

Yes, that’s not a problem. Through working with bigger clients who have large amounts of plant and machinery, we know the logistics of keeping them all safe can be troublesome. That’s why you can have a master key made up to make life easier.

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