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Keeping Your Equipment Secure With Our EyeLok Series 

Most people would think that a high specification EyeLok is only necessary for businesses or other places where security is of the utmost importance. However, using a high specification radial ten pin tumbler lock is great way to add an extra level of security to any piece of equipment out there. 

By using a tumbler lock with jargon beyond any thief’s capabilities, you can make your valuable objects much harder to steal, and as a result, keep hardworking individuals in their jobs, and help minimise the worry of potential theft. 

The EyeLok Series 

The EyeLok series is made up of two different sizes, the EyeLok A and the EyeLok B. The difference in size between the two is due to the length of the pins, with the EyeLok A being 40mm and the EyeLok B being 70mm. 

EyeLok A
EyeLok B

Specifically, the EyeLok A is widely popular with trailer users due to its shorter length. And, the Eyelok B is longer in length, so you can add a piece of security chain to give double protection, and works well on a wide range of equipment items.  

All in all, each is designed to be long-lasting, user-friendly and competitively priced 

But, the reason why they come out on top, is not only because of the ease to use the lock, but also that the pins are hardened with ten, thousands of an inch and tempered, making them extremely difficult to break into, or even hacksawed, which is rare to see in products in the industry. 

Why Should I Use An EyeLok To Secure My Equipment? 

EyeLoks are a common way to secure equipment because they are a much more complex security measure than using a standard lock. With a pinned tumbler lock, the key has additional mechanisms that must align in the lock in order for the key to turn and unlock, plus on the subject of locking, the EyeLoks offer over one million locking combinations in total. 

There is no known picking tool accessible in the field to combat the EyeLok, which has both a drill-proof vacuum centre, with keys that cannot be duplicated, and is perfect for high-security applications, where absolute precision is essential. 

TIP: Always copy down your key number, if you lose it, the key can always be re-cut, which saves you having to purchase a new complete lock. 

How Do I Know Which EyeLok I Need? 

Don’t worry, this is where our experts come in. 

To find the right EyeLok for your equipment, you can simply fill out our product advice page, where you will then be directed by the right expert for the job. 

From this, we will contact you using your preferred contact method, and we will discuss your currently security strategy, the equipment you have and what products you need for the job. 

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At Lincmaster, we provide pioneering anti-theft products, alongside the advice you need for an effective, tailor-made solution for your business. 

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