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No valuables left in this vehicle overnight

So you’ve been grafting all day.

All you want to do is get in the house, get out of those grubby clothes before a shower and taking the kids to footy practice.

Then it’s home for the evening meal and sat in front of the soaps which you don’t watch. You didn’t take your equipment and tools out of your van when you finished up. But, they are in a lock box in the back of the van. It’s locked so they’ll be fine, right?


You’ve now given thieves an opportunity and that’s all they need.

Unbeknown to you they have been eyeing up your street for the past week. This is no great surprise though as, on average, 30 vans are stolen every day in the UK

Take the tools out of the van because the next thing you know you are on the phone to the insurance company, trying to prove you did everything to prevent this from happening.

Now let’s look at the bigger picture.

We are not just talking about your tools in the van. What about your machinery and equipment on site? That equipment not only supplies you with a livelihood, but your employees too.

Just to mention at this point that we are not in the scare mongering business. We are in the security business. And that is what Lincmaster is synonymous for. 

Helping people just like you secure your livelihood. And when you’re putting a roof over your kids’ heads and into their all-consuming mouths, you don’t need stolen equipment and an argument with the insurance company.

Times are tough enough at the moment and we at Lincmaster are here for you.

We recently had a customer contact us out of the blue as strange vehicles had been hanging around the outside of the site, blatantly eyeing up the equipment. He’d had quite a few sleepless nights and just wanted to talk about what he could do.

Our BreakerLok was an absolute no brainer. He could lock the bucket to his mini excavator when left out of hours.

For the trailers the Lincmaster Universal Hitchlok was perfect as they have four settings to fit any trailer.

He is a small business owner, but asked us about anti-ram posts. Of course we supply them. They prove virtually impossible to break into, yet seconds to lock secure into place. Situated at the entrance they are a ‘Come get me. Oh no, you can’t!!’

But this blog is not about the products he purchased. He was having sleepless nights and the items were on order.

Our team pride ourselves on giving outstanding service as well as unbiased advice. If we were cliché we would say that we go over and above. But we’re not, so we won’t.

As he waited for delivery of the order we went through his current set up. The security cameras, where to move the machinery out of sight of opportunist thieves, all of it.

We teach our customers that the first line of defence is prevention.

Take a realistic look at your plant or site. How would you get in if you really wanted to? These thieves really want to and right now plant machinery theft has been on the increase due to sites being abandoned during lockdown.

The industries we work with have been hit hard by theft as well as projects being on hold.

This whole time, our customers have known that we are still one call away because we are an advice service first. You are in touch with us because our Lincmaster products are British made and have been for over 25 years.

What makes us the company that we are is that we do not sell. We advise.

You see when customers come to us they are not just popping in and ordering their security equipment. We are a valuable part of their business. We feel every part of their stress, working over and above to be a one-stop security equipment provider.

We treat every customer with the same respect and service meaning no matter what size your business is, we will have you covered. Not just with security equipment, but with the security advice to give you peace of mind.

So even before you contact us, taking a realistic look at your equipment.

Is it on show?

Could YOU have it away in no time?

Because if you can, they can.

Get in touch with us for more advice on how to secure your valuable work equipment