Made In Great Britain

BreakerLok (1cx/2cx/3cx)


The Breakerlok is an innovative and reliable hydraulic locking mechanism that ensures the security of your valuable hydraulic equipment.

This cost-effective solution is made with high-quality materials to prevent the risks of theft and damage. It’s a simple, effective, and safe way to lock hydraulic breakers, buckets, post-hole borers, and other equipment to mini excavators or backhoe loaders.

The hydraulic cylinder rod locking device replaces the existing pin on your machine, locking the bucket firmly in place and preventing it from being removed without permission. The Breakerlok is manufactured in the UK and is an excellent value for money solution to keep your equipment safe.

With the Breakerlok, you can rest assured that your equipment is secure and protected from theft and damage, reducing your stress levels and saving you money in the long run.

Whether you’re a contractor, farmer, or construction company, the Breakerlok is the solution you need to protect your equipment and increase productivity.