Made In Great Britain

LegLok MK 2 Compact


The LegLok is a locking track system that offers reliable protection against theft for machines with hydraulic legs, such as backhoe loaders and JCB diggers.

This robust and user-friendly equipment can be easily installed on any machine with hydraulic legs, making it a practical and cost-effective solution for equipment owners and operators.

The LegLok works by securely locking the tracks in place, preventing any unauthorised movement of the plant machine. This provides an effective deterrent against theft, giving peace of mind to operators and owners alike.

The LegLok’s unique design and construction make it an ideal security solution for those in the construction and agricultural industries.

The LegLok’s installation process involves welding it in place with the hydraulic leg up. This ensures that the LegLok is securely attached and functioning properly. Once installed, the LegLok provides reliable and durable protection against theft, safeguarding valuable equipment and machinery from unauthorised access and use.

We supply all fittings instructions (Feel free to get in touch for more information on this if required)