Made In Great Britain

MiniLok (Micro/Small/Medium/Large)

From £148.00 – £175

A simple and effective device which secures the tracks of rubber tracked crawler machines is the Minilok. The Minilok is a small, easy-to-use device that clamps onto the drive sprocket to prevent the track from slipping off. This device is perfect for machines that have holes in the drive sprocket, as it prevents the track from falling through the hole. 

The rubber track lock comprises a shackle and locking block that is secured using Lincmaster’s renowned barrel locking system, with over one million combinations to prevent drive-away theft.

The Minilok is an affordable and reliable way to secure rubber tracked crawler machines, and can be used in conjunction with Lincmaster HD Security Chain to secure the machine to other equipment or any immovable object such as a post or other equipment.

When machines are left on trailers, we strongly recommend that Lincmaster HD Security Chain is used to secure the machine to the trailer to prevent theft by lifting.

Micro: Micro track width180mm – £148
Small: Up to 1.8 tonne track width 230mm – £148
Medium: 1.9-3.5 tonne track width 300mm – £159
Large: 4 tonne+ track width 450mm – £175