Made In Great Britain



The Lincmaster WallLok is a versatile and reliable security device that serves multiple purposes.

This multipurpose wall lock is designed to make a permanent anchor point and is perfect for anchoring applications. The lock has a robust 6mm steel plate welded to the back, ensuring the highest level of strength and durability.

The WallLok can also be used as a key-operated deadbolt lock, providing an additional layer of security. It is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of UK security standards, so you can be confident in the safety and security it provides.

The wall lock is also incredibly easy to install, with four 10mm holes drilled into each corner for secure attachment to any wall. Whether you need to anchor equipment or protect a building, the WallLok is an ideal choice for providing peace of mind and security.

It can be used with a variety of Lincmaster security chains such as the Heavy Duty Security Chain