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Starting up your own business? Don’t get stung by complacency

When starting your own business there are enough costs to initially outlay that you may think that belting and bracing absolutely everything is not completely necessary in the first instance, right?

Only the absolute necessary assets need to be covered considering you will have to pay for premises, staff, machinery, marketing, advertising, insurance… The list can go on.

You just want to get those clients secured and get working.

And what if the worst should happen? Where is your theft prevention?

What might happen COULD happen and it could happen to you.

We are talking theft.

Theft of your tools, machinery and assets. High value and moveable machinery can make a thief very tempted to relieve you of them.

In 2020, with so many sites of all sizes closed, machinery thefts rose by 50%. That number is staggering.

In the late night and early morning hours when unguarded who or what is going to protect your site? Have you invested in equipment security cameras? Or an on site security guard? Both are a financial outlay and at least one can suffer from human error. 

The other option is to secure your assets and your site.

We at Lincmaster not only provide the right security products to protect and secure your machinery and sites, but we also provide expert advice from manufacturing our products for over 25 years.

Only too often we hear about customers being caught out to thieves because of complacency. They think that as long as they have the basics then if the worst should happen then they have the insurance which will cover it. Right?


Don’t forget that your insurance will have fine print. So many hoops to jump through that you will need to prove that you have done everything in your power to secure your equipment with anti-theft protection from day one.

They are more likely to pay out on a claim should you need to make one. We work with a lot of insurers who secure their machinery with our security products.

Think about your premiums and the cover for the following year. You may have cover, but if you claim on it and you could have done more this will be considered the following year with your premium and even excess.

We do say don’t cover your whole plant at once, but do make sure that you have covered the most vulnerable.

When you invest in your equipment you are more likely to become a target. You have what the thieves want. They just need the opportunity to take it.

Remove that opportunity by again not becoming complacent. Your brand new tools and machinery will be very desirable to thieves and keep their value so stolen items can bring in good money on the secondary market.

Anti theft and security products for you

You’ll find some fantastic anti theft and security products here

Everything from our Universal HitchLok which secures one or more trailers with 12mm formed steel plate with a hardened steel pin, to the MiniLok which secure the tracks of rubber tracked crawling machines are on our website and everything in between.

What if you choose to cut the corner of insurance altogether and don’t protect your plant?

Then you definitely need to look into our products. You are taking a huge risk, but at the very least by securing your machinery with Lincmaster anti-theft protection and site security you will be less likely to need to replace anything at all.

By looking at our website you will see that we have been supplying our own British designed and manufactured security products for over 25 years. We supply the construction industry, agricultural industry, councils, industrial workshops and many more. Our products are for companies small, large and corporate.

So do look into our products and if you need advice just contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction!

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