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Securing your trailer the Lincmaster way

Who are our customers?

We have many different customer types here at Lincmaster, purely through our reputation and quality products.

We don’t just cater to the building and construction industry as both business and private clients contact us every day.

We know that if you own a trailer you’re probably not solely transporting machinery.

Everyone from catering, equine, gardening, farming, agricultural and landscape services use trailers for a whole host of reasons.

And, because of that, the security of your trailer is paramount. They are mobile; that’s their purpose. It also makes them a perfect target for theft.

Introducing the Universal Lincmaster Hitchlok

Originally created in conjunction with a highly skilled design engineer, the Hitchlok was one of the first major security devices introduced to our anti-theft range still with us today.

Derek Cutmore, our chairman, saw a gap in the market. A gap whereby equipment was being stolen and there were hardly any cost effective and secure anti-theft products available.

Over the years the Hitchlok has been redesigned and improved upon at the same rate the thieves have honed their skills.

Keeping one step ahead of the thieves and providing the perfect security solutions has always been at the forefront of our business.

How does it work?

Made from 12mm formed steel plate and with a hardened steel pin the Universal Hitchlok is supplied as a complete unit to easily secure to the trailer with a case hardened block lock.

With universal in the title you would be correct to assume that the Lincmaster Hitchlok connects to a wide range of trailer hitches. This is due to having been designed with four different settings.

We are proud to say that the Universal Lincmaster Hitchlok is one of the most secure and diverse trailer locks on the market today.

Once you have purchased the Hitchlok it is so easy to set up and use;

  1. Insert the key and rotate clockwise. This will free the lock and allow removal.
  2. Separate the Hitchlok components – a) Inner slipper and b) Outer cover
  3. Lift the hitch handle and fit the slipper, locking housing to the front. This will ensure proper engagement when the hitch handle is released.
  4. Ensure straight alignment (front to back) of the slipper and slide the cover onto the slipper enclosing hitch and slipper complete. The hitch attaching bolts should also now be covered.
  5. If fully home, re-insert the lock (with key still attached) rotate the key fully anti-clockwise to lock. Then simply remove the key and pull on the cover to ensure it’s fully secured to the slipper.
  6. Record the key number and store the spare safely.

And that’s it! One secure trailer.

In order to ensure easy insertion and extraction remember to lightly grease the lock occasionally.

You can even go one step further as the Universal Lincmaster Hitchlok is compatible with our HD security chain.

Budgets are tight. What does it cost?

Available for just £73 and as we stated above it is also compatible with our single reeving eye Lincmaster heavy duty security chain it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

One recent customer justified his spend having calculated that the insurance excess for one trailer will cover the cost of many of our Thief Stoppers products.

He is investing now rather than closing the stable doors after the horses have all bolted.

For the building and construction industry now more than ever, site and equipment security is paramount and Lincmaster work with and for you.

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